Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Germans Get it!

Recently, I've been learning about the fact that many people in Germany are fascinated with Native Americans and their culture.  I think this is great. It shows how people in the heart of the Old World are coming to appreciate what it means to be closer to the earth and to the harmonics that surround us. By getting in touch and enacting the rituals of the first peoples, they can hopefully come to understand what is needed from all of us to restore the balance.  Maybe one day they can rediscover their own past and celebrate the time when they, too, were in touch with greater things.

Have a look at some of the great things they do:


  1. I believe that re-enacting is probably the best way to understand and preserve the past, but the people who are depicted in this link are not re-enacting nor are they celebrating the true culture of the First Nations. They are dressing up as a fantasy, the same as if they were portraying Star Trek characters. I find the whole thing insulting to proper re-enacting. These people are really de-enactors, but they don't realize it.

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