Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Journey (Part One)

       I don’t usually like to talk about myself that much, but I think it might be help you all understand a little about the roundabout way I came to do my historical research if I told you about my personal journey – so bear with me!  I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, where, until several years ago, I lived with my husband and worked as a waitress at a Ruby Tuesday.  In the fall of 2007, my co-worker and best friend Gail became very ill with what we came to understand were peptic ulcers.  We suspected that she might have developed this condition from a combination of routinely eating the restaurant’s lobster carbonera, a lifelong love for lemonade and tart candies, and extreme inactivity.  Regardless of the cause, it was so painful for all of us at Ruby Tuesday to see Gail suffer the way she did.  The worst part of it was the money she had to pay for traditional medical treatment that didn’t seem to be helping her at all!  Months passed, her doctor’s bills mounted, and her condition worsened.
The power of the crystals compels me!
       It stressed me out so badly, and I really wished there was some way - apart from the donation box I placed in the restaurant’s foyer - that I could help my friend out.  My chance came through a random (although I like to think it was the earth’s energies aligning!) encounter at a local health food store with a natural healer named Manuel.  I confess that I was in a state that day about Gail’s fifth hospitalization and was looking through natural remedy books in a frenzied manner hoping to find something that could help her.  Manuel, who is possessed of a Buddha nature, said that he could feel my negative energy from across the store and came over to speak with me.  Little did I know how life changing this meeting would be!  He explained to me that he was a specialist in the art of crystal healing.  I’ll admit I was very skeptical, but was reassured by his calm and confident manner.  After pouring my heart about Gail right there in the store, Manuel said that for a very small fee (not much more than the price of the endowed crystals themselves!) he could surely correct the energy imbalances in Gail’s chakra that had lead to her ulcerated stomach.  It was as simple as tapping into Gail’s third (or solar plexus) chakra through a combination of yellow tourmaline, topaz, amber, and tiger’s eye – the crystals that traditionally give strength to one’s core – and applying certain corrective energies that Manuel had been trained to transmit through years specialist study.  Poor Gail was willing to try anything, so the following week Manuel began visiting her house with his crystals, poultices and harmonic sound cassettes that he had acquired during a period of study in the mid-1980s at the Asociación de Terapia del Sonido La Cúpula in Alicante, Spain.  These techniques, in combination with slight dietary and exercise adjustments he recommended, produced remarkable improvements in Gail’s health!  In fact, she was completely healed and, amazed by the benefits of alternative (or, as I like to call it, true) medicine, quit waitressing at Ruby Tuesday to work at Manuel’s practice.
Sound Healing
       I like to consider this small bit of natural healing to be the root of my origin story.  “Why?” I can see you asking yourselves, “What could this possibly have to do with the study of history?”  Nothing and everything at the same time, as is so often the case with the mysterious harmonics that course through our lives, and the world, and determine so much about the past, present, and future.  My fortunate, and predestined, meeting with Manuel lead to a period of intense study of progressive medicines, but, more importantly, to progressive outlooks and methods to unlock secret modes of knowledge.  I came to realize that all information could be organized and understood through truths revealed by an understanding of our earth’s energies.  But I’m getting ahead of myself!  I still haven’t told you about Sedona, where this all came together for me.  More on that next post!

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  1. Nice to hear of alternative medicine doing someone some good.Why not put a photo or your name so we know who writes this Blog.