Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Journey (Part Two)

        Well if you managed to get through that last post and are still with me I really appreciate it.  I think that everybody’s story needs telling, and my own modest tale is important for the truths I’ve come to understand about the world (which I’ll get into in the coming weeks, so stick with me!).  Where was I?  After Gail’s recovery I began spending more time with Manuel, working reception duties at his holistic healing center and, two nights a week, engaging with the small circle of knowledge-seekers that he trained in his home.  Manuel began to teach me how his way of knowing involved a constant interaction with the harmonics of our planet, this meant years of study on the earth’s energy and the potent points throughout the globe most conducive to harmonic practice.  The healing crystals that had worked so well for Gail, it turned out, were only one method by which to conduct the natural energies of Mother Earth.  Although Manuel insisted that I at first contain my studies to new medicines (such as the crystals and various scientific devices constructed to dissipate malign spiritual resonances within the body), he was quite clear that as my own personal journey of discovery progressed I would begin to much more fully how the study of harmonics was an all-encompassing system of knowledge that would be deepen my understanding of self and, more importantly for our purposes here, the way in which the world structured its being.
            During this time I began to drift away from my husband.  He did not support my education and was suspect of those that I chose to surround myself with.  A year after I began working at the healing center we formally separated.  At the time I was very broken up about the collapse of my marriage, but over the coming months, with the guidance of Manuel and the circle, I came to realize that my husband had represented an energy blockage and that by detaching myself from him I had brought myself into closer alignment with inner and outer energies.  Manuel, who was very supportive during this period, even proved to me mathematically how the date on which we separated, when combined with certain secret formulas, was in fortuitous synchronization with the cosmic algorithms.  At the encouragement of my colleagues, I used some of the money I had acquired from the sale of my marital home to fund a year-long research journey to Sedona, Arizona.       
            Oops, I meant to tell you all about my time there in this post but I got so carried away telling you other details of my formation period that I’m afraid I am going to be late for a research meeting I have.  In the next post (I promise!) I’ll explain why Sedona is so important to us knowledge-seekers and how it shaped me into what I am today!

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