Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Journey (Part Three)

Me during my time in the desert outside of Sedona!
Oh dear, I've been all caught up in some exciting new research and have forgotten to tell you all exactly how I've come to study what I do (or what exactly it is that I study, for that matter!).  My year in Sedona was spent at a place called The Southwest Centre for the Study of Harmonic Phenomena (sadly now defunct, its founders having relocated to Svalbard in an attempt to further their findings).  For those of you who don't know about Sedona, it is a very important site for those of us interested in progressive knowledges because it, according to various astrological and meditative calculations, is one of the main channeling points of the earth's energy (other important sites include Mount Fuji in Japan and Mount Shasta in California!).  In addition to this, it served as the site of very first harmonic convergence, a mass meditation staged in 1987.  Since then, the city and surrounding natural environment have been central for those of us looking to access mystic truths.

Upon arriving at the SCSHP, I was introduced to Sky, one of the senior educator / guides, and the person who would be my mentor during my residency.  She had been Manuel's teacher when he was younger and had helped him tap into the sectors of his being where his harmonic gifts resided (crystals and memory therapy - more on the latter in a later post).  Our first task was to locate my gifts, which involved a one week meditation camping trip in the desert outside of Sedona.  During this time Sky and I would spend our days discussing my interests and communing with the earth through deep meditative techniques and the burning of various energized herbs.  Through Sky and my own soul-searching I came to realize that I had a deep passion in understanding and educating people about how history was shaped by the harmonics of the natural world.  Growing up, traditional accounts of how and why our country and the globe developed had always left me cold (for lack of a better term!).  There needed to be some grander explanation, one that was not only about the agency of man but also incorporated the far more powerful energies of the earth into the "big picture".  I had always suspected that the indigenous caretakers of this land were more in tune with this, but such knowledges had been displaced alongside them when European colonization happened.  At the conclusion of my week in the desert I had come to the profound realization that my journey in life was to educate people about the true histories that link humanity and nature and determine our progression.

In those early weeks and months at the SCSHP, I learned, through consultation with the other students and teachers (as well as independent research), that the places where I had grown up (Ontario, Indiana, and Ohio) were intricately linked to the history of the U.S. nation.  This is how I came to study ley lines, harmonics, the Native leader Tecumseh, alternative histories of medicine, and 'phantom time'.  My understandings of these things are what I shall share with you in future posts....

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