Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our Search So Far...

My thanks to the Public History Group who have made some outstanding progress the past few days. They truly are led by the intangible harmonics of the Earth.

After I posted the video of Smith’s interrogation, the players got to work figuring out what it all meant. 

Around the same time, and to my great alarm, my blog was hacked. Whoever did it left the familiar rabbit tracks and gave us the grim news that Smith was scheduled for “termination.” The countdown was on and the universe seemed to be letting us know the great importance of our work.

Our players determined that Smith's words were from an obscure poem called Tecumseh, Or The Warrior of the West by John Richardson. The players then somehow figured out that the words on the scrap of paper were in the Shawnee language, the same language spoken by the great Tecumseh and his brother Tenskwatawa. The words were actually a library location code.

In the D.B. Weldon library they followed a series of clues from book to book. You can see the results of the search on Adriana’s blog and scans of the pages at

The notebook pages, if they were in fact written by Captain Smith, show that he was searching for the final resting place of Tecumseh. This is a mystery that has obsessed men like Smith since Tecumseh’s sad death 200 years ago. It always ends the same way. Tecumseh’s remains cannot be found, and even if they could, he rests peacefully now and should be left alone. Smith, like so many others, is misguided in his beliefs. This can have disastrous consequences. Just ask William Henry Harrison after his inaugural address. Tecumseh’s spirit is everywhere now.  In my own research I have learned that his presence continues to pervade the London area and influences people to do great things…just look at my post on Frederick Banting. All of these things are connected!

Anyway, I digress. These discoveries led the Public Historians to the Museum of Ontario Archaeological here in London. Somehow they managed to find a flash drive. Where and how they did this I have yet to learn, but it is very impressive. The flash drive turned out to be protected by a password. The hint was “I am the Doorway” which the historians determined was a reference to Tenskwatawa. Unfortunately, after ten incorrect tries the items on the flash drive were erased forever.
While this was going on, and I sitting down to have my dinner of macrobiotic barley and quinoa when  my phone rang, and a strange voice on the other end said “If they Tweet you the correct answer to I AM THE DOORWAY I will reveal the lost material on the wiki.” I rushed to my computer and repeated this message. Adriana posted the correct answer “tenskwatawa” and just as the voice promised, the items began to appear on the wiki.

You can see what was revealed on the wiki at

From all of this is appears the our Captain Smith was in contact with the National Cliographic Society, although it is not clear to me how they fit into this mystery. I fear that, like Captain Smith, this organization does not realize the deep earth energies that are expressed in history. We must endeavour to show them both the way to find harmony with the Earth and the past. 

Who is this mysterious person helping us? What do the rabbit tracks on the clues mean? I have consulted Manuel and he suggested that I meditate upon the matter with my spirit guides. If they see fit to reveal the answer to me, I will share it with you all immediately!!!

The Public History students are taking a much needed break, but the clock is still ticking. If anyone else wants to help me figure out the strange clues please do.

Just a little over six days before the unthinkable! The intangible harmonics of the Earth have called upon us to come to this poor man’s aid, and we must respond! Only in that way will we open people’s minds to the possibilities of History!!!

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