Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Some Exciting Developments....

I know, I know - I've kept you all waiting, but I have a good excuse.  Over the past two months, I have managed to meet a number of others (both online and in person) who share some of my ideas about about the importance of London in understanding and facilitating natural energies.  These energies are key in important processes that range from healing to the true understanding of the ways in which human history and development has happened.  As I've mentioned, it was while here in London earlier in the year that I came to the realization that Frederick Banting may have harnessed some of this spirit in his own discoveries.  

Despite my repeated attempts, the staff at the Banting House did not seem receptive to the knowledge I was trying to give them.  One evening, after a final visit to the site, I was sitting in the parking lot across the road feeling dejected.  In my misery, I did not notice at first the tapping on my car window.  It was a woman, referring to herself only as Sister, that had heard of my efforts to make myself heard at Banting House.  She too was interested in how the harmonics of the universe coalesced in certain regions to shape human destiny.  Although I had to catch a plane back to the United States the next morning, I spent the entire night at a coffee shop with her listening to her ideas about Tecumseh.

For those of you not aware, Tecumseh was a Shawnee leader who fought on the side of the British during the War of 1812.  He was born and grew up not far from present-day Dayton, Ohio, and from a young age was entangled in the brutal frontier conflicts the American midwest in the post-revolutionary period - becoming a minor war chief by his early 20s (during his time fighting alongside the Cherokee in Tennessee).  His brother, Tenskwatawa, also came to be an important figure for the Shawnee people.  Known as 'The Prophet', he urged Native Americans to foreswear European dress and customs and return to their ancestral lifestyles.  Both became powerful political figures amongst their people - advocates of a more harmonically in-tune manner of existence against the agitation of the expansionist desires of the United States government.  Both Tecumseh and The Prophet were eventually caught up in the War of 1812, where they sided with British against the Americans.  (There is SO MUCH MORE to the story of these two men, so look them up - although beware of literalist interpretations of history.  They tell but only a fraction of the true story!!!)

Tenskwatawa (The Prophet)
"So what does this have to do with you being in London?  Or with Frederick Banting?  Or with your research?" you ask.  Well, everything.  It seems that both Tecumseh and The Prophet spent time in this area while resisting American incursions into British North America.  "Traditional" history explains this away through the usual back-and-forth of military campaigns, but I believe (and this is substantiated by the information provided to me by Sister) that Tecumseh's and The Prophet's presence here (just like Banting's discoveries) was preordained by the mystical forces that pervade this area.  I suspect that Tecumseh and The Prophet were drawn here to commune with the Earth Mother (this being a point of harmonized transmission) and to help defend her.  It is known, within the community of progressive thinkers, that there are certain sites (some call them ley lines, others have different names) around the globe whose geographic, and mathematical, symmetry make them points where those chosen can communicate with the Earth Mother - in order to discern her wishes and defend her.  I believe that I have discovered one of these sites (!!!!!) and in doing so am very close to making some incredible breakthroughs about how human agency throughout the course of history is directly shaped by the harmonics of the earth.  I, too, hope that I can commune with the Earth Mother and help exercise her will for the betterment of our world.  Walking on the trails along the Thames it's as though I can intuit, on an extra-sensory level, the spirits of Tecumseh and The Prophet flowing in the river beside me.  This gives me great comfort.

After my first trip to London, I returned briefly to the United States to conclude some business I had with Manuel and some of my other teachers.  Impressed by the discoveries I had made while in Canada, they encouraged me to return, and within two weeks I was back here.  Since then, Sister and I have managed to gather a small group of like-minded individuals to conduct research into our theories.  There are ten of us now, but I post this hoping that it will reach others who could positively contribute to a project that is potentially world-altering.  

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